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Downing Street Fighter

Downing Street Fighter

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Go directly to jail – “Yes please!”

flat screen tvs, rooms with views and a recording studio

Sound studio - Norways answer to corporal punishment

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OK Go – This Too Shall Pass video

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I like// Weird Eurovision

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I like// Random I likes

mmm green tea

mmm green tea



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I like// Folding Bike

I do think everyone should ride one of these to work, can store it under you desk with ease and get exercise.

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I like// Roel Wouters videos

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EMP// Printing


Today I printed the smallest good deed book at rpm digital print,Β  They were great and I stuck around with them all day watching and helping them produce my postcard book of good deeds, learnt alot of new processes and techniques that really opened my eyes to the world of printing.


This is the guiloteen that can slice through multiple amounts of paper I found this brilliant and alot less time consuming than cutting each individual peice with my scalpal unfortunately it cudnt cut out my small grooves where the elastic band that held them together nessled in so i had to hand cut out every page of them. oh well still looked good.


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EMP// Social Collider



My search for happy looked like this.

Social Collider

This is a great way of mapping social networks and similar stands of thoughts much like the digglabs

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EMP// Good Deed Day 17


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