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The smallest good deed

The smallest good deed


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EMP// Printing


Today I printed the smallest good deed book at rpm digital print,ย  They were great and I stuck around with them all day watching and helping them produce my postcard book of good deeds, learnt alot of new processes and techniques that really opened my eyes to the world of printing.


This is the guiloteen that can slice through multiple amounts of paper I found this brilliant and alot less time consuming than cutting each individual peice with my scalpal unfortunately it cudnt cut out my small grooves where the elastic band that held them together nessled in so i had to hand cut out every page of them. oh well still looked good.


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EMP// British children are among the unhappiest in Europe,


A Well being study reveals that the uks children are the unhappiest in Europe.

High numbers of youngsters in workless families and poor local environments coupled with low numbers in education or training left the UK trailing 24th out of 29 nations. Only Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta fared worse.

It was well below the performance of countries such as Germany (8th) and France (15th) and a very long way behind the continent’s best-off children, the Dutch and Scandinavians.

Among other factors which resulted in a low score for the UK were poor immunisation rates, children more likely to report poor or fair health and a relatively poor ability to communicate with parents.

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EMP// Visualising the book

Ok im strugling to determine the weight of card for my postcards and cover it seems you cant print digitally over 0.35mm in thickness and I feel a more substantial card would do each post card justice rather than a thin flyer type of card but i also have to consider how the user will flick though the 28 different days.


I ahve made a very rough mock up of the general idea and it does look nice and bulkie and has a nice aesthetic to touch and sift throughalthough the card i ised is extremely thick for the pages it might be good for the cover and wrap but its just finding a way to print on to them so will be looking into print processes but time is running out.


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EMP// Screen printing onto blackboard




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EMP// Tutorial with Roger

Ok so now I have lots and lots to do instead of just lots but I am up for it.

Basically all the photos that i have taken could be improved and be sharper but still convey and essence of simplicity. As a rule i didnt want the photos to be over shot and take away from the person note of the project just I spose amature photography will not cut it. been told to look into Martin Parr.



Also The board that I have been recording my good deeds on looks really nice in the photos but there were some issues with the font of the catagorie text like the day, date. time and deed. a few people thought that it didnt link in with the text on the back and the overall identity that i have created.

so i am now looking into methods of linking the type i have used on the reverse of the cards on to the board. I just popped into the screen printing room and this is possible to do so i am going to experiment with screen printing the fields of text on to the blackboard so that they are perminant and standardised across all of the deeds. I feel this will tie all the boards together much better and also add a needed aspect of design to the hand writen chalk boards.

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EMP// Good Deed Day 24


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EMP// Obama inauguration speech book


Thisย  is a typographic interpretation of Obama’s inauguration speech, made for dutch magazine ‘creatie’

the only rule was no images allowed…

It looked into recurring words and sentences


I realy like the type in this book and how it only uses the words of Obama and makes them come alive I would like my site that allows users to write up their good deeds to have a similar feel not just same text size.


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EMP// Good Deed Day 23


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EMP// Good Deed Day 22


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