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Relocation, relocation, relocation


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Yeh i can do this

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Pickers at Kelsey farm in Kent, which produces 1.25m Jubilee strawberries each year. British growers estimate they will sell about 70,000 tonnes of strawberries this year, up from about 65,000 tonnes last year

(Via guardiannews)

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Twitter is Twucked

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Yulia Gorodinski @marcbubb

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Smallest good deed project 09 @marcbubb

Been reviewing last years work and came across my smallest good deed project of doing  a good deed everyday for 28 days and took some great pictures. very feel good project that I would recommend to anyone

“In a time of recession and uncertainty happiness is hard to find, the newspapers report mainly negativity and helping others isn’t a major concern. I explored the effects of performing good deeds for 28 days and the reactions and consequences in an attempt to not only make others happy but to inspire them to pay the deed forward to create social change all be it one small change at a time.”

More info here

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Matthias Heiderich

Matthias Heiderich

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CreatorsProject NYC event

CreatorsProject New York City event line-up looks so sick – wish I could go

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The Hello Project

How to make new friends

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Maple Mountain Sunburst’s ‘LookListenFeel’

featuring the fantastic voice of Isabella Rossellini. All the artwork was designed by the talented Ben the Illustrator. This is the first Clash between Broken Antler and Ben the Illustrator, created entirely in illustrator and after effects CS4

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